Trigger Air


Trigger Air is an aerial production company. We specialise in the use of drones to capture aerial imagery using state of the art technology, including video and photographic content. If you have any queries, do not hesitate to get in touch. See our contact information below.

Have at look at our showreel and gallery to see samples of our work.

Qualification / Insurance

  • Permissions
    • PfAW (Permissions for Aerial Work) granted by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) no.420
    • Qualified for aerial work through RPQ-s (Resource Group)
      • Official body (NQE) for commercial work
      • Qualified to fly any SUAS (drone) from 0-20KGs
    • Where we can fly (these are the same for all UK operators, with few exceptions):
      • 400ft / 120m upwards
      • 500m into the distance (kept within pilots line of sight)
      • 150m from people, vehicles, vessels & structures out of our control
      • 50m from the above inside a congested area (town or city)
  • Insurance
    • Insured with Cover Drone (John Heath)
    • Public liability cover up to £5m


Starting at £200. We always provide a bespoke quote refined to your project, additional expenses may be included where required (travel & accommodation etc). However, you can see the basic base rates below... These are subject to change on a project to project basis.

• £200 first hour     • £100 every subsequent hour     OR • £450 half day (4 hours)     • £800 full day (8 hours)


Find our equipment list below. Need alternative cameras or lenses to be used? We may be able to fly them instead. Get in touch.

  • DJI Phantom 3 Professional (DRONE)
    • Approx. 18 min flight time
    • Record 4K / UHD & Full HD (See recording formats...)
    • Single Operator (Pilot)
    • Fixed Camera
      • f/2.8, focus at ∞
      • FOV 94°, 20mm (35mm format equivalent)
    • Recording Formats
      • UHD: 4096x2160p 24/25, 3840x2160p 24/25/30
      • FHD: 1920x1080p 24/25/30/48/50/60
      • Max Bitrate: 60Mbps
    • Still Photos
      • 12 megapixels (RAW)


  • Sony A7R (CAMERA)
    • Our go to for aerial stills photography
    • Full Frame
    • Still Photos
      • 36.4 megapixels
  • Sony FE 55mm F1.8 Carl Zeiss T* (LENS)
    • 55mm
    • f1.8
  • Aeronavics SkyJib X4 (DRONE)
    • Lifts cameras / lenses of choice
    • Carries Movi M5 gimbal
    • Approx. 10 min flight time
    • Dual Operator (Pilot & Camera Operator)
    • Wind conditions up to approx 16mph
    • Full HD Wireless Video Downlink


  • Panasonic GH4 (CAMERA)
    • Our go to for aerial video / film usage
    • Record 4K / UHD & Full HD (See recording formats...)
    • Recording Formats
      • 4K & UHD: 4096x2160p 24, 3840x2160p 24 > 30
      • FHD: 1920x1080p 24 > 60
      • Max Bitrate: 4K & UHD 100Mbps, FHD 200Mbps
    • Still Photos
      • 16 megapixels (RAW)
    • Micro Four Thirds Mount
  • Olympus Zuiko 12mm f2 (LENS)
    • 12mm (Equivalent of 24mm on 35mm camera)
    • f2.0




Trigger Image, trading as Trigger Air

Registered in England Number: 5943095

VAT Number: 574204353

Lavender Cottage, Brome Avenue, Eye, Suffolk, IP23 7HW, UK


Landline: +44 (0)1379 871358

Mobile: +44 (0)7446 950620 (Tim, Director & Pilot) (Josh, Aerial Camera Operator)